About LaLa's Custom Creations

Greetings Beautiful People,

Welcome to LaLa's Custom Creations Online Store!

LaLa's Custom Creations was created at a time the world shut down. During the  COVID-19 Pandemic, it was some of the roughest times for everyone. Much like the balance and Ying Yang of things, COVID had a bright spot. Mother Earth healed a bit and it forced alot of us to find and discover new talents and abilities. I discovered this craft of designing and constructing holistic pieces through my own spiritual journey. It's not just jewelry for me. Its my extension of spreading knowledge and high vibrational energy to the consumer. LaLa's Custom Creations allows you to be apart of the design process to fit your spirtual needs. You pick what calls to you. Your choice of waistbeads, bracelets, copper wire necklaces, tumbling and raw stones, alter pieces, sage, and much more!! So thank you so much for being the best part of LaLa's Custom Creations!!

Made with Love,

LaLa a.k.a La’Key